Cable lighting goes hand in hand with the modern use of electricity. And as with the case of history, electricity paved the path for light bulbs. Today, these light bulbs have paved a path for cable fiber optics. If you are not familiar with the subject, you should know that it is a captivating way of lighting a commercial space that utilizes electricity intriguingly.

Past applications of fiber optic lighting cables

In the past, fiber optic cables were used for more than just basic practical applications such as telephone systems and cable television. Fiber optic cables are efficient and easily adaptable. They have a way of providing power and connecting different areas to a grid with a lot of ease.

What does a fiber optic cable use to transmit light?

Fiber optic uses optical fiber to move the light from point A to B. Usually, it is from a light source to a remote location. Fiber optics cable lighting has a core coupled with cladding, which is also known as a coating. This feature helps to trap light while allowing it to move along longer distances.

Additional applications of fiber optic cables

1. Internet connectivity

In a world ruled by technological advancements, having a stable internet seems like a larger broadband future. Fiber optic technology can be used to reach some of the fastest speeds in the industry. It can go as fast as about 10000Mbps. Besides, the lengthy broadband is essential to this modern world in that it is powered by technology.

Fiber optic cables can easily transmit significant amounts of information at high speed. The technology is often used in various internet cables. Compared to conventional copper wire, fiber optic cables are not bulky. They are also flexible to carry more data.

2. Dental surgery and X-ray

From time immemorial, optics have been useful in aiding the examination of patients in different treatments. Several of the optical instruments used in the medical field used today were designed in the 19th century.

Today, the advent of optical fiber lighting has been developed to be used in the modern medicinal world. A fiber optic lighting cable can be used in medicine and research. Optical communication is a critical part of the surgery, whether non-intrusive or intrusive.

In such applications, bright light can also be used to illuminate the surgery room and the body. This should make it possible to cut down the number of incisions made. Therefore, fiber optics can also be used in biomedical research.

3. Lighting and decoration

Fiber optic lighting cables can illuminate restaurants and bars. These fixtures can also be used to make chandeliers of different sizes and shapes. Besides their classic circular shapes, multiple customers have requested elliptical and square design installations.

Final Thoughts

Fiber optic cable lighting applies optical fiber. Such a light looks like a light pipe. It transmits light from the source of light to another space using a fiber. Besides, some light can be emitted from the fiber’s outer surface area to the exterior space.


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