Platinum melting furnace is a technology designed to help with the melting of palladium and platinum. It’s also suitable for melting gold. The furnace comes with a container usually known as zirconia crucible which runs at a temperature of 2000 degrees.

Besides, the ratio of melting is relatively high, and it takes 3 minutes to complete the melting time. This is mostly because the induction heating technology runs on a medium frequency.

There are two main models of platinum melting machines – the manual purring furnace and the crucible clamping machine. To further elaborate on this, most of the questions asked regarding platinum melting furnaces will be answered in this piece.

Melting Gold – Common Platinum Melting Furnace Questions Answered

What is a Melting Furnace?

Melting furnaces are used by individuals to excessively heat solid materials to become liquids. To make this possible, a thermal processing tool is employed. With it, the internal properties of the solid material are changed by correctly lifting their temperature.

If it were metal, the melting furnace is used to elevate its elasticity, reducing its firmness. This is why an industrial furnace should be used instead as it can run at a temperature that’s equivalent to the solid material’s melting point.

How do you melt Platinum?

An oxygen is used to melt platinum. This is because it emits enough hot flames. Also, a platinum casting torch can be used to melt it.

While you make use of a torch, ensure that it has a soldered rosebud tip. The solder often results in the tip falling into molten metal. Your torch should also have an inbuilt flashback arrestor. This is used to stop gas from entering into the tank in case there’s a change in pressure.

How Many Types of Furnaces are There?

There are four kinds of 4 main kinds of furnaces. Let’s have a look at them below:

  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Electric
  • Propane

How do you know if a furnace thermostat is bad?

When a furnace thermostat becomes bad, it may be impossible for the HVAC system to turn on. Again, if your thermostat stops responding to the changed settings, you should know that it has gone bad. Usually, the thermostat should make some tiny, clicking sounds when you change it. This is what allows the heating and cooling system to start.

Therefore, in a case where you’re not able to hear those sounds, it depicts that something could be wrong with the thermostat and you should consult the right source(s) for repairs.

Can you Melt Gold and Platinum Together?

Generally, it’s not advised that you melt platinum and a metal such as gold together. But if you insist on going through the process of Melting gold with platinum, you must ensure that a more experienced person handles the soldering. This way, you avoid leaving fragile links or porous marks on the gold.

Further, the two metals operate on different melting points, expansion properties, and thermal conductivity. So melting them together may yield unsuccessful results.

Found your answers yet?

There you have it! Some frequently asked questions about platinum melting furnaces have been answered in this piece. Found your answers yet? Let us know if you have more in the comments section!


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