The printed circuit board is quite popular. Its popularity is attributed to its use in various sectors. Furthermore, significant innovations in the PCB manufacturing process have made it easy and fast. Additionally, PCB manufacture can now be ordered through online services. For example, the existence of a PCB online quote ensures potential customers can easily get a quote of expected orders online without traveling to manufacturing companies. The critical point to note about PCB is that they are applicable in several industries. Below are five industries that a printed circuit board serves.

5 common printed circuit board applications

1. Industrial sectors

PCB is relatively essential in the industrial sector, especially in manufacturing shops and production lines. They are present in almost all day-to-day electronics. Furthermore, PCBs can help in the automation processes in the industrial sector, thus saving business costs and lowering human errors. Additionally, PCBs can be developed to withstand a high-power and demanding atmosphere and environment in the industrial sector, usually present. Examples of PCB application in the industrial sector is; presses, assembly machines, power supplies, power distribution devices, and temperature control devices.

2. Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are of the most common sectors that use PCBs. Furthermore, thousands and millions of individuals worldwide use electronics as part of their daily life. Some of those electronics include; microwaves, smartphones, computers, coffee makers, TVs, and several other entertainment systems. The application of PCBs in the consumer sector is quite extensive.

3. Medical sector

Medical sectors currently use PCB technology in a number of their devices. Furthermore, PCBs play an essential role in monitoring treatment, diagnostics, and so many more. PCBs are relatively significant in medical devices because they usually guarantee the reliability and functionality of the devices. Additionally, the PCB used in the medical sector meets the required sanitation standards, especially for those employed in implants. The size of PCBs used in the implants is usually small. You can find the PCBs in; CAT scanners, CT scanners, ultrasonic scanners, heart rate monitors, blood glucose monitors, and so many more.

4. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

LEDs are an essential part of the lighting world. Their use involves both commercial and residential lighting. One of the most common functions of PCBs in LEDs is transmitting unwanted heat from the bulb. Additionally, the PCBs used in LEDs are made from aluminum because the extreme temperatures present may decrease a LED’s average life. PCBs in LEDs are found in; smart bulbs, dashboard indicators, computer displays, medical lighting, automotive lighting, and so many more.

5. Automotive sector

The latest innovations in vehicles currently require the use of electrical parts and electronics. Thus, the PCB is found in almost all of the PCB in a vehicle’s electrical parts. Some of the ways the PCB is applicable in the automotive sector include; media devices, such as the radio. You can also find it in the satellite navigations, fuel regulators, power supplies, engine management, and the in-built sensors.


The world has currently moved to the digital age. Therefore, most of the electronics we own or machines we own use electricity. Therefore, PCBs are most commonly found and applied in a wide array of industries.


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