As CNC machining has gained popularity over the past decade, a new industry has emerged and grown in a short span of time- the CNC machine servicing industry. By the end of the year 2020, this industry had already surpassed the $5 billion mark. In the new decade, CNC machines will be very crucial in the manufacturing sector. As a result, every manufacturing firm will have to take every single aspect of CNC machining service very seriously. Here are some important CNC machining service trends that every manufacturing company should know.

Software Updates

Manufacturing was done entirely using manual machinery operated and supervised by humans until CNC milling machines came along. Not only did manual milling machines lead to slow production, but it also led to significant errors or defects in the final products. The speed and accuracy of manufacturing were increased when computers were incorporated into manufacturing.

All that a manufacturer needs to do is input commands on the computer and produce the desired end-product with utmost accuracy. Today, almost all manufacturing is done through cnc milling. Through virtual reality, IoT, and cloud computing, CNC machines will be operated remotely without requiring any human supervision in the upcoming years. These important software updates will maximize their usability.

Skilled Personnel Are Indispensable

Even though CNC should minimize human input as much as possible, skilled personnel are still needed to operate and monitor them. Custom machining needs tech-savvy personnel to streamline the manufacturing process and keep up with the latest technology trends. Skilled and tech-savvy personnel is the biggest asset that any manufacturing company needs. A skilled operator will be required to give the right commands to the CNC and monitor the manufacturing process to maximize efficiency.

Six-Axis CNC Machines

As CNC machining technology continues to be developed, the biggest technological advancement would be achieved if a 6-axis CNC machine could be developed. A CNC machine needs to move in several directions to achieve a high quality finished to the product. A 6-axis CNC machine would make it easy to achieve accurate dimensions and size shapes with the final products. This feature will eliminate the need to pass a product through multiple custom machining. That’s not all, a CNC machine operating in six or more axes will reduce production time by up to 75%.

Reduced Size

Every electronic device is getting smaller and smaller as technology advances. CNC machines are also getting smaller in size. The compact size of CNC machines will make it easy for manufacturers to install several types of equipment that carry out various functions. Smaller companies will also benefit from the reduced size of CNC equipment since it will be easier to install them in small spaces.

More 3D Printing

This is the most significant trend that the CNC machining service industry is likely to experience. Currently, 3D Printing has accelerated the process of designing and manufacturing products. If 3D Printing becomes even more prominent, it is likely to replace CNC machining since it will create several scale models.


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