Electric Pallet Stacker

So, you are on the verge of buying a pallet stacker. You are Googling “professional Electric Pallet Stacker china factory”, yet you can’t decide whether you should buy an electric one or you should stick with the good old manual pallet stacker.

Well, we are here to help you with your decision. Here’s a list of questions that you need to ask yourself and whose answer will lead you toward the right decision.

Is your business expanding?

By that we mean, do you plan to increase your warehouse or logistics premises further shortly? Or perhaps you’ve already expanded your zone of operations, and you got an additional square foot that needs to be covered by your operators daily.

Small manual pallet trucks are great for small businesses. But once they start growing, they become less practical. That’s when electric pallet trucks come into play.

Are your operators complaining about their workload?

It is not easy for someone to spend their entire workday toggling heavy loads, again and again. Soon enough, they will start complaining, and eventually leaving your company. If you want to keep your best workers, you will make things easier for them by purchasing an electric pallet truck.  

Does it take too long for your products to be moved from one to another place?

If the answer is yes, then you need to obtain an electric pallet truck. Electric pallet trucks are fast and efficient. They can move around pallets and products for hours before being recharged. The best thing about recharging is that it can be done while your operators are on their brake. That way, once they return to work, they can immediately proceed using the electric pallet truck.

Are your average loads getting heavier and heavier?

As we mentioned earlier, it is the operators that are strained most when all they have is just a manual pallet truck to work with. However, at some point, even they can’t deal with super heavy loads. When that happens, there is no point pushing your people to lift heavy weights but to replace the old manual pallet truck with an electric one.

Are you afraid of work accidents?

Big and massive loads, tired operators, long shifts, all that is a recipe for accidents. An electric palette truck can profoundly affect all those aspects. By doing so, it significantly reduces the risk of work-related accidents.

Do you care about productivity?

Last but not least important is the question of productivity. When the manual palette trucks were invented, they were praised for their functionality. They are still a good lifting and movement solution for many small businesses. But, times are changing, and there is no point sticking to old and unproductive technology that can potentially slow down your growth.

All in All

Hopefully, our mini-guide has helped you decide whether you need to obtain an electric pallet truck or not. After all, it is a substantial investment, far greater than if it was for a manual pallet truck.  


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