The unique 5’ x 10’ CNC plasma cutter is one of the best and unique plasma cutting machines in the manufacturing space. It has a lot of great features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

The 1530 CNC plasma cutting machine is one of the best when it comes to plasma cutting. Using computer numerical control, it gives you the best results you need, whenever you need them.

Features of the 5’ x 10’ CNC Plasma cutter.

There are certain features of the 1530 CNC Plasma. They include.

1. It has a working lubrication system.

If you are looking for a machine that has the best lubrication system that assures proper maintenance, then getting the 1530 CNC plasma cutting machine would be the best solution for you.

Just like a good machine, the lubrication system is very vital in helping to ensure that parts of the machine are not getting overheated. When there is no lubrication system in place, the machine is not bound to last long.

2. Automatic fume extraction system

In the 1530 CNC plasma cutter, you do not need to stress yourself in the extraction of fumes and waste from the machine. This is because the machine possesses an automatic fume extraction system that helps excessive fumes and waste products get out with ease.

This system is very important to prevent waste and fumes from getting stored up inside the body of the machine.

3. All CAD Graphics can be input directly into the machine.

This is where the power of CNC machining comes into play. When trying to cut the plasma effectively, the CAD graphics could be put into the machine easily.

Computer Numerical Control has made the entire manufacturing process easier. Unlike before where you’d have to create all the necessary values and designs and then try to place them all in, this 1530 CNC plasma cutting machining does all the work for you easily.

4. All hitches have integrated indicator lights

In a machine as complex as this, this is a need for the use of indicator lights, especially in places like the Hitch. You may be wondering why.

This is because the presence of an indicator light gives signals that the hitch needs to be changed and maintained. If there is no hitch indicator light, it could turn out very bad for your machine.

5. Various tips regarding the operations involved are shown on the screen

Every activity and operation is done by the machine us active recorded at the top of the screen to give you a better knowledge of the processes taking place.

She using this machining, you don’t have to stress yourself because everything will be done for you with ease.


The 1530 CNC plasma cutting machine is the best at what it was designed to do. Giving you the perfect at the end of the day. Its operation process is easy and you always get your results within the shortest time. It is a great fit for your business.


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