ARC valves

Use of ARC valve (Automatic Recirculation valve) is crucial in pump protection. When a pump body of a centrifugal pump has cavitation damage, the device in question automatically protects it, thus avoiding a malfunction. Consequently, there are many types of arc valves, with different characteristics that enable them to function differently. In this article, we will discuss different arc valve types used in various fields. 

  • ZDT series ARC valves

ARC valves are equipped with a bypass which opens completely when pump flow becomes lower the presented flow. The opening of the bypass provides the pump minimum flow protection, therefore safeguarding the minimum flow pump required. However, the ZDT series is equipped with a big bypass to makes it suitable for massive flows. Besides, it has a maximum differential pressure of 4MPa, making it appropriate for use in big factories.

  • ZDL series ARC valves

Unlike the ZDT series, the ZDL series automatic recirculation valve specifications are more appropriate for bypass with a low or medium pressure differential. The ZDL series has a unique L bypass which is capable of eliminating the noise that comes as a result of high-speed flow medium. Additionally, it prevents cavitation, thus making it more suitable. Subsequently, the device in question is applicable in different factories dealing with various mediums.

  • ZDM series ARC valves

The ZDM series recirculation valve is more appropriate for high-pressure differential bypass. It has a 30MPa maximum pressure differential, hence making it applicable in different fields. Additionally, it is capable of eliminating noise that comes as a result of a high-speed flow of the medium. Also, it prevents the destruction of cavitation braising and erosion of the valve components.

  • YB7 back pressure ARC valves

The YB7 back pressure is used as a pump recirculation control valve to control upstream pressure. It also assists in attaining the factory’s pressure valve technological setting, and the system pressure value required. Also, it prevents corrosion and vaporization phenomena. When carefully matched with automatic recirculation valve, it gives the pump the best protection and long-term stability, thus enhancing smooth operations.

  • Multistage minimum flow control valves

The device in question is used as a minimum flow valve controller. It controls the velocity within a pipe and significantly reduces the noise made by the steam or high-pressure gas within a valve. Also, it prevents liquid cavitation, thus making it suitable for use in powerful mediums. Consequently, it can be used in different for different mediums, thus making it widely applicable. 

  • In conclusion

Unquestionably, ARC valves play a vital role in ensuring a smooth flow of mediums. As a result, they are applicable in different fields that deal with different mediums. Consequently, the amount of pressure in which the mediums are applied differs. Therefore, to ensure smooth running, various types of arc valves are manufactured to ensure that the ARC valves are applicable across the fields.


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