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With the increased usage of CBD products, manufacturers have invented convenient ways to consume CBD other than the capsules or other topical ways. CBD vape pen is one of the equipments designed for consuming CBD. One advantage of using vape pens is you will find them in two in one vaporizer types.

However, the same way the market of the CBD product has grown is the same way the manufacturing of CBD consumption devices has increased giving room for fake products. So, it’s vital to get keen when purchasing a vape pen. Here are the factors to consider when choosing CBD best vape pen.

  • Battery Life

Choose a vape pen that is built to use a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are the latest type of batteries, and they have a longer life span. If the battery is not made of lithium-ion, there is a high possibility of replacing the vape pen sooner than expected.

  • Cost

 Among many customers; cost is a primary determiner of whether to buy a certain product or not. So, it is essential to note you can get the best vaporizer 2019 at whichever cost you can afford, but the quality of the products will differ accordingly.

If you are investing in a one-time vaporizer, it’s advisable to choose the best quality that you will use for several seasons before you have to replace it. Remember, the greater the quality of the device, the more expensive it is.

  • Heating Method

Here is some science to remind you of what you did in school. There are two types of heating a vape pen, the convection, and conduction method. The convection heating method involves direct contact with the CBD content. It has excellent temperature control, which ensures the user gets an amazing experience of vaping.

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On the other hand, the conduction heating method involves heating the e-liquid indirectly. The best on-demand vaporizer is the one that uses convection heating method, but it’s relatively expensive as compared to vaping pen using conduction heating method.

  • Compatibility

While some vaporizers are compatible with all three types of content, that is oil, herbs, and wax, some are best combo vaporizers and others ideal for a kind of CBD. So, choose a vaping pen that is compatible with the type of content you take. It’s advisable to buy a multi-purpose vaporizer to present the chances of experimenting with the other types you’ve never tried.

  • Portability

Some vaping pens are portable while others are the desktop type of vape pen. So, if you wish to vape during your vacation or when you are out of your house, consider buying a portable vaporizer. Besides, a portable vaporizer is much affordable.

Take Away

When choosing a product, you shouldn’t compromise any factor. Also, buying your vape pen from a reliable manufacturer assures you of good quality and support in case you need clarification in the future, on the device. Above all, make decisions based on what you love and want but without compromising the quality of the vaporizer.


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