Worker safety is a fundamental aspect of employment and is as serious as worker output. Worker safety ensures employees’ optimum performance at work. When the management increases safety measures, it improves worker safety while increasing the workforce and high production. Particularly in health institutions, improved safety measures prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses from one person to another. The automatic shoe cover dispenser┬áis an example of a safety measure thoughtfully integrated into health facilities recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Advantages of having an automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser in Health Facilities

Increases the Safety of Health Workers

The use of an automatic shoe dispenser in health facilities will reduce the rate of accidents occurring tremendously. Manual shoe dispensers require the worker to balance one leg to insert the cover on the shoe. Most workers often trip while trying to use the manual shoe dispensers. The automatic shoe dispenser application is a hands-free process that does not require the worker to stand on one leg this, reducing accidents. The automatic shoe dispenser creates a secure working environment for health personnel.

It Is Fast and Efficient

Applying shoe covers using manual shoe dispensers takes a lot of time, thus reducing the time used to attend to patients and other duties. Using an automatic shoe cover dispenser takes approximately four seconds to apply the shoe cover instead of the 35 seconds workers take to apply the shoe covers manually. Getting an efficient automatic shoe dispenser can increase the process of application of shoe covers and facilitate increased worker output without compromising safety.

Minimizes Risk of Contamination

Contamination and recontamination are the prime causes of outbreaks in health facilities. Health facilities harbor all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. For this reason, health workers are at a high risk of a wide range of bacteria and viruses infecting them, as was the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. The presence of an automatic shoe dispenser will enable the workers not to use their hands during the application, thus will reduce the transmission of airborne contaminants from one worker to the other, creating a cleaner and safer environment for health workers.

Keeps Health workers’ Shoes Clean

A health worker is likely to carry contaminants home when they leave work. This case can lead to them exposing their family to infection-causing organisms. Medical institutions have a wide range of harmful substances on the floor that your shoes are most likely to pick up. The application of expendable covers on the shoes forms a boundary between substances and keeping your shoes clean all the time.


Installing automatic shoe dispensers will increase the safety of workers as they work relentlessly to save lives. Automatic Shoe dispensers are fast and efficient, improve the health safety of health workers, minimize the risk of contamination, and keep workers’ shoes clean. Install an automatic shoe cover dispenser in your health institution today to increase the safety of your medical personnel.


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