Custom machining is making a buzz in the world of industrialization today. It is easy to see why once one understands what custom machining is and its various advantages. In this article, we shall discuss a few reasons you need custom machine parts and the type of custom machine services you can employ. But first, what is custom machining?

What is Custom Machining?

Unlike general machining companies that produce large volumes of the same part, custom machining has to do with unique sample components. Custom machining depends on advanced machine equipment such as CNC turning, laser cutting machines, and CNC milling. It also relies on manual machining equipment. In situations where some parts do not exist, one could always turn to custom machining services.

Several reasons could make machine parts unavailable. These reasons include nonstandard sizes of parts like buttons or gears. A new idea for a machine could also require the services of custom machining for its novel parts. You could rely on custom machining services when you need a mainstream machine part with engravings.

In short, you need custom machining when;

– Standard parts might not have those unique features you desire for your machine.

– The parts you desire are nonstandard and are, therefore, unavailable from suppliers.

– You can get machine parts of high quality in a period of emergency and urgency.

– You could get the machine part in smaller quantities from a custom machining service: General manufacturing companies manufacture machine parts in large volumes because this reduces wastage. However, you could get custom machine parts in smaller volumes according to your need with custom machining.

– You need machine parts that require difficult to manipulate materials: Several materials pose difficulties during machining in engineering. Plastics may melt or chip if they were to go through normal machining processes due to their low melting point. Therefore, plastics need specialized equipment like the plastic CNC machine. Another material that most machine part manufacturers cannot handle easily is bronze. Alloys of bronze are less ductile and have a lesser elongation than steel, and as a result, are prone to fracture. Therefore, machine part producers can carry out cutting operations using a laser cutting machine.

Custom machining comes in different forms, and it is up to you to choose which one suits your needs.

What does custom machining involve?

Custom machining entails several forms of machining. It ranges from Prototype plastic machining to accurate metal machining and manual lathes to a 5-axis CNC machining. In line with the shape of the machine part and its unique requirements, it could either be made on a milling machine, precision shear, press-brake, or lathe. Some custom machining jobs, however, do not require any form of electric CNC equipment. These include simple machine parts like fixtures that machine part producers can make using a manual mill.

Final Thoughts

Custom machines, no doubt, are more expensive than general manufacture machines. Its high price only implies that you are getting machine parts of a higher quality. The place and method to use in making your machine parts are up to you. However, you and your machines deserve nothing short of high-quality, and going for custom machining is the way.


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