China is home to some of the best manufacturers of magnets in the world. Chinese magnet manufacturers take pride in the manufacturer of several types of magnets. The magnets can be categorized based on the materials from which they are made, like rare-earth magnets and their shapes. They can also take various patterns like neocube patterns. Neocube magnets are still a mystery to many people because they do not know what they are and how they work.

What are neocubes?

Neocubes are referred to as the newest type of Rubik’s cubes. Unlike the standard Rubiks cube, neocubes offer millions of solutions. An average neocube features around two hundred and sixteen small balls. The balls click together to form endless fantastic shapes. For instance, neocubes can be used to make hollow spheres, magnetic men, watches, and wristbands, to name a few. It is also worth mentioning that the tiny magnetic balls can easily be separated.

What are magnetic neocubes

Magnetic neocubes are made from tiny balls made from powerful rare-earth magnets. The rare-earth magnet, in this case, is neodymium. They have the same characteristics as neocubes and neodymium magnets. Note that these magnets are also known as buckyballs, neomagnetic cubes, or nanodots.

Neocube magnets come in two forms of configurations. This is because their lines can either be perfectly parallel or staggered, depending on how you use them. Below is an explanation of why this is the case;

1. Parallel neocube patterns

In this form of configuration, one north pole usually sticks to one south pole on each end. This causes a small magnetic field that jumps directly from the N to the S poles.

2. Staggered neocube patterns

Each north pole points on the same side as the other South poles in this type of configuration. This way, the magnetic field has to travel all the way from all the north poles to the south poles. This results in a larger magnetic field. This design element also causes the lines not to fly apart as the tiny small magnets next to each other share a pole.

Neocube magnet shapes and sizes

These magnets come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Each size and shape is designed based on the application of the magnet. For instance, certain tasks can only be perfectly accomplished by specific sizes and shapes of neodymium neocube magnets.

Applications of neocube magnets

These magnets can be used in a wide range of areas. The following are some of these applications;

  • Making toys for entertainment
  • Making stress relieve tools
  • In semiconductor technology like making hall sensors
  • Research

Neocube magnets can also be applied in a wide range of industries. Below are a few of these industries;

  • The education industry
  • Manufacturing industry (warehouses)
  • Research industry
  • Modeling
  • The entertainment industry
  • The medical industry (neocubes can be used for relieving stress and anxiety)


The manufacture or construction of neodymium neocube magnets can be as confusing as the magnets are. Regardless, neocube magnets feature a wide range of impressive characteristics. For instance, they are known for their strength and versatility.


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