A hydraulic press uses a hydraulic cylinder to create compressive force. Furthermore, the hydraulic press is used to make several products in different sectors of the economy, thus, making it an essential machine. Furthermore, several hydraulic press machines like the tabletop hydraulic press are used for several metal work functions. In addition, there is an electric hydraulic press that ensures the efficiency of work. Thus, this article aims to inform you of the eight reasons to purchase an electric hydraulic press.

Eight reasons to purchase an electric hydraulic press

1. Offers protection from overload

The electric hydraulic press ensures that there are no issues with overloading present in the machine. For example, if you purchase a 20-ton hydraulic press, the amount of press exerted will be only 20 tons. Or, for instance, you opt to set a lesser pressure; then, the machine will only release the specified amount of pressure. Once the set level is attained, a relief valve will open up to remove the excess pressure, thus ensuring that the set level is not surpassed.

2. Minimal maintenance costs

The electric hydraulic press consists of few parts that move during operations, thus ensuring the maintenance cost is very low. Low maintenance costs mean that the investment will not cost you too much in the end. Furthermore, the electric hydraulic press has very minimal breakdowns. But if there is any breakdown, only the movable parts are to be replaced.

3. Less noisy

The electric hydraulic press contains few movable pieces, thus ensuring there is less noise present during operations. Therefore, less noise means less noise pollution from the machine. Furthermore, the electric hydraulic press allows you full control of the device, ensuring you can control the level of noise the machine produces.

4. Available at affordable cost

The electric hydraulic press is simple in structure. The simplicity in design ensures that it comes at a very affordable price. 

5. High production

The electric hydraulic press is designed to allow it to do tough jobs that need high tonnage, high production, and several controls to make work short for all the pressing requirements. Thus, high production means that the machine is not limited to the amount of work it can do.

6. Efficient

The eclectic hydraulic press ensures efficiency in the ram stroke by providing that the pressure is even and smooth. The even pressure enables the tonnage to be attained at any position of the ram travel.

7. Easy to operate 

The electric hydraulic press is manufactured in such a way that makes it to operate. Thus, as long as the operation manual is followed to the letter, anyone can run it.

8. Versatile 

The electric hydraulic press can be considered versatile because it can perform several functions, such as press fits, shell reduction, metal forming, transfer molding, and straightening.


From the above, you can note that there are many advantages of purchasing the electric hydraulic press. One of the benefits is that it is easy to operate because of its simple mechanisms. Thus, it is essential to note that expertise is not a requirement for the operation of the electric hydraulic press.


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