If you have an electric bike, then you would already know that the battery of your bike is its heart, which pumps power to the bike. That’s the reason it is important that you take good care of the battery. This technology-driven world has advance actually gifted us a lot of innovations that has simplified our lives.

Lithium batteries are one of those advancements and that makes Electric bike take care much simpler. Any electric bike battery 48v, 24, 36v or 56v can store a large amount of energy, and with proper care will last longer. Bike batteries are expensive and with due care, you can increase the lifespan of the battery and avoid expensive replacement.

Generally, you will receive the electronic bikes fully charged from the store itself, as everyone understands the craving of riding it the moment you receive it. But if the electric battery is partially charged it is better to first charge it fully before the first ride. Doing this you will condition the battery and also can tap the start point to evaluate the performance of the battery.

Below mentioned are few tips and tricks that can be followed as a day to day care of the electric bike battery and increase the range of the electric bike battery:

After Every Ride

Once you have enjoyed the ride it is important that you charge the battery again, to make sure there is no interruption in your next ride. Charging the battery will keep your electric bike in the perfect condition for the next ride. But charging the electric bike battery 48v doesn’t mean that you leave it charging for several days, as that can damage the battery life. Charge it enough to top it u and keep a tap of the time how long you are charging it.

Remove For Cleaning

Be mindful of removing the battery before cleaning your electric bike. As this is a safe practice and preserves the bike battery.

Charge the Battery Up

Always try to charge your battery fully after every ride, even if you have taken a small distance ride. This practice will help you avoid a situation where you run out of the battery and have to pedal that heavy bike.

Ensure It’s Clipped Back In

To make sure the battery doesn’t drop out ensure the battery is clipped and locked into the frame.

Battery Charging

If you want to charge an electric bike battery 48v, then you will have to charge it the same way you charge your mobile phone, i.e. just plug it in. Generally speaking, your bike battery should be fully charged approximately within 3 hours.  You can charge it again after the ride. 

How to Store Electric Bike Batteries- when not in use?

You may not use the electric bike for quite some time, and there can be various reasons for it like a busy schedule, an upcoming exam or event etc. If you know that you are not going to use your electric bike for several months now, then it is important to store the battery carefully. Below mentioned are some tips that you can follow to keep your electric bike battery safe.

Take out Battery from the Bike

For security reasons always take out the battery from the electric bike when you know you are not going to use it for a long time. This will keep your bike battery in good condition and is also a safe practice.

Store At 60% Capacity

Don’t store a fully charged or discharged battery. If storing for a longer period, store a battery at a 60% capacity.

Take care of the storing Condition

A battery should be stored at room temperature in a moisture-free place. This storing condition will avoid putting any stress on the cells.

Tips to Extend Battery Life

There are few small tips that you can keep in mind to extend the life of your electric bike battery, just follow these small tips and you will be amazed by the results.

Keep Tyres Inflated

As much as a 15% of battery range can be increased if you keep the tyres inflated to the pressure that is recommended.

Maintain your Electric Bike

Regular maintenance can enhance the life of any gear and same it is with your electric bike. If you get the service done regularly on your electric bike than the bike is surely going to offer more range than the one that has lazy gears and rubbing brakes.

Use a Battery Cover

Using a battery coven can extend the range of the electric bike battery in colder conditions by keeping the temperature up and appropriate.

By adhering to the electric bike battery care steps mentioned in the article, you will definitely take the best care of your Electric bike battery and avoid the situation of early deposition and replacement.


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