Choosing between a 2-post and a four-post lift can be difficult if you don’t know much about the vehicle lift. You should know all the differences between these two lifts before buying. Purchasing the perfect vehicle lift for your car can help you save money for your shop and increase efficiency. But always choose a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer to avoid any inconvenience. It does not matter whether you are an automotive expert or a hobbyist; you would need the maximum space for your garage. Some people want to increase garage space by installing lifts. It Is better to think first if you should get a two- or four-post-lift. Let’s look at these two lifts so you can understand the difference between them. Also, if you want to know more, you can visit

When should you choose a 2-post lift?

These lifts are best for the applications of repairing in automotive garages. Repairing can be of suspensions, brakes and tires. The arm of the vehicle lift is generally attached to the centre of the car or vehicle. This feature helps in the safe and quick repair of vehicles. This lift is versatile in nature and is most widely used for residential garages. Moreover, it is excellent for small cars too.

When should you choose a 4-post lift?

These lifts are most widely used in parking lots and garages. The other most crucial usage of these lifts is for storing cars in buildings at height. These lifts can easily carry the car keeping all four wheels stable. The good thing about these lifts is that you can safely park one car on top of the other. Some advanced models come with digital controls. You can drive the vehicle on the lift and, by using the control buttons, lift the car and then park another below it.

Which lift is best?

Both of the lifts have their own uses and advantages. But it depends on your needs and requirements which one you should buy. First of all, you should make a budget for the lift. The next step is to identify the situation in which you have to use the vehicle lift. For instance, you want to use the vehicle lift to store your car and vehicles or repair them. You can select the two post lifts for regular service of your car at home. But keep in mind that a two-post vehicle lift will give you the storage option of only one car at a time. At the same time, four post-vehicle storage lifts give you more specialized storage options. As you will get more stabilization with a 4-post vehicle lift, that’s why it is preferred for servicing the car.


If you have bought a separate sliding jack, you can get double benefits with a 4-post lift. Using these two combinedly will help you in saving the cost. If you are still confused about which type of lift you should buy, then you should visit the websites online to get more information. All in all, a 4-post lift will prove to be beneficial for you.


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