Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines

Every now and then there are innovative technologies hitting every aspect of our lives. The Horizontal Directional Drilling method was started in California in the 1970s and is often abbreviated as HDD. There are other names that are used to refer to this technology and the most common one is the Trenchless Drilling. Today, it is the most recognized trenchless method of installing piping and cables underground along predetermined paths that are dug by special machines. The ZLCONN Company sells these highly specialized drilling equipment at the best hdd machine price in India.

Advantages Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines

The horizontal directional drilling technology is a great option that is used to install pipes and cables where conventional pipes are not permitted either due to practical, economic, or environmental reasons.

Other advantages of the trenchless drilling method as compared to the overly disruptive traditional method of drilling are:

  1. The pipes or cables may be installed in either a straight line or in a curved manner if there are any obstacles in the path. Any obstacles on the surface such as buildings, water bodies, railways, or roads do not affect the installation process so the obstacles don’t need to be moved or removed.
  2. The working areas where the machines are strategically positioned are only at the points of entry and the points of exit. This causes very little disruption in between these two points. This means that there’s really no need for deep excavations underneath the surface.
  3. Pipes and cables of any length can be laid down without the need for intermediate pits or junctions that require for them to be joined together.
  4. The process is generally fast as compared to the traditional method. It takes a really short time to finish the installation process. At the end f the day, you will realize that the overall investment is also much lower since fewer workmen are required and they work for fewer days.
  5. The installation process is not affected by changes in weather as is the case for traditional drilling methods. If, for example, there is a heavy downpour this does not cause any major concerns and the process is able to proceed.
  6. There’s minimal need to do restoration and landscaping once the installation process is finished.
  7. When used in oil or gas fields, the pipes go in at an angle instead of vertically. As a result, more materials are extracted as opposed to when using vertical shafts.
  8. Minimal disruption of traffic in the area. This makes it suitable for use even in busy areas such as highways and airports.
  9. Lastly, operating a directional drilling machine is not as complicated as you may think. Once you complete your training on how to operate it you’re good to go within a short period.
Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines

Obstacles Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines

  1. At the moment there are not so many experienced drillers
  2. It requires that the soil conditions be established beforehand and should be done thoroughly
  3. A thorough surface and subsurface investigation is also very necessary
  4. You need a disposal dump area especially if there is no fluid recycling method in use


There are so many positive attributes associated with the Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines such as the ease with which multiple pipes/cables may be installed in a single location and thus minimizing the invasiveness to the underground rocks. As a result, the chances of contaminating the water in these layers of soil is very minimal. In a nutshell, horizontal drilling protects the environment to a great extent and ensures that the general public is not exposed to potential hazards.


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