Arduino LCD

What is Arduino? Arduino can be described as a platform of the electronic prototype kind which is easy to use. In some places, it is known as Genuine. This platform involves two parts, the hardware parts which include different types of developmental boards that can adapt to any Arduino specification and software parts which include Arduino IDE and different development tools.

The hardware aspect deals with things like microcontroller, flash memory, and input/output tools which could also be microcomputer motherboard parts. The software parts comprise of Arduino IDE on the computer which is related to board level packages and a third party function. The Arduino IDE makes it easy for you to download BSP easily which is associated with the developmental board and the libraries needed to write the programs.

Arduino is a platform and there have been many models and countries which include Arduino Uno, Arduino nano, arduinyun, etc. Also, the Arduino IDE now supports the Arduino series developmental boards and also supports the popular development boards like Intel Galileo or the nodeMCU and this is done by introducing BSP.

Arduino can sense the environment through different sensors, lights, motors or other devices which gives feedbacks and helps to influence the environment. The microcontroller that is found on the development board could be programmed with the aid of the Arduino programming language which can be compiled and turned into binaries and it is then burned into the microcontroller. When using Arduino to program, you should make use of the Arduino programming language and the Arduino development environment. You should note that Arduino products would only contain Arduino packages and also other software packages that are running on your computer and the communication with each other through Processing, Flash of MaxMSP.

Since Arduino struck the markets, it has been revolutionary. It is very lucrative especially to students who are designing their first projects. This helps people develop an interest in technology. Here is a list of some Arduino projects that can be used to design.  If you are planning on buying an Arduino or you have one around you, this article would be really helpful. You just need the Arduino board and some appliances.

Arduino LCD
  • The speed control and monitor using Arduino

This project is all fan speed monitoring and control that helps regulate the rate or speed of an electric fan and the scale used to calculate the speed is the Arduino.

  • The wireless web server

This project was dedicated to Arduino as it was built around the Arduino. In recent times, the wireless web server has been gaining popularity in the world of electronics because it is not too expensive and it is very reliable and easily available at the markets.

  • The IC Tester with Truth Table

This project is based on the Arduino tester which is very capable and very reliable and also less expensive. With this program, you can develop a program that has different functions which can be used to check different ICs. With this project, you can check the truth tables that have different ICs.

  • The audiometer that is Arduino based

This is an audiometer uses liquid crystals. An SVI or standard volume indicator is a device that helps to display representations levels of signals that are found in audio equipment.

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