Teflon Coated Wire

Teflon wire is prominent for its high-temperature resistance feature coupled with excellent heat resistance. The cable has numerous applications. We can utilize the Teflon wire for aviation, industrial applications, electronic instruments, and household appliances. But the continuous development of this industry gives the Teflon coated wire an added advantage over other coated wires. The applications of these coated wires are still expanding. PTFE coated cables are unique wiring solutions for specified activities such as high temperatures as well as corrosive environments.

The coatings of the material have copper wire strands to protect it against external contaminants. The feature also plays a role in enhancing the performance of the Teflon coated wire. As a unique chemical, coupled with electrical characteristics, Teflon coated wires have several applications in sectors such as thermal power stations, flight simulators, as well as telecommunication. In the next paragraph, you will learn more about the features of Teflon coated wires.

By now, you know that Teflon coated wires are prominent across the world. People choose this kind of cable because of its superior characteristics coupled with excellent performance. Here are its notable features:

Key Features

  • High operating temperature
  • Low dielectric strength
  • Elevated dielectric strength
  • Low dissipation

Teflon coated wires are also known as jacketed wires. When we mention this product, people often think of it as a high-temperature resistance wire. This is right. Teflon wire is covered with significant thermal stability. At the same time, it is prominent for its ability to withstand high temperature within a short time. This makes it an ideal wire for several applications. It also implies that the Teflon wire can ideally work at certain freezing temperatures.

Teflon Coated Wire

To meet our customer’s needs, we offer clients a high-quality Teflon cable that has different insulation materials. Our FEP, PFA, in addition to PTFE coated wires, are the conventional hookup insulation materials. This implies you can select suitable Teflon coated wires according to your project demands.

Compared with other such wires, PTFE heating wire can withstand a higher temperature. The jacketed cable has numerous features making it an ideal solution for several industrial applications. FEP Teflon coated wire is, on the other hand, a single lead wire conductor that has resistance to fluid. When baking, you will realize that there is a porous film this coated wire. This is one impeccable feature of the Teflon coated wire.

Besides, the low price of the Teflon heating wire is highly flexible. It would be best if you chose a wire that serves the purpose of your project. However, you cannot achieve this without proper guidance. That is why we have written this article. It has critical highlights you should consider when selecting a coated Teflon wire.


If you need Teflon jacketed cables with exceptional quality, then we are an ideal choice of supplier for you. As a leading manufacturer in China, we provide several kinds of Teflon coated wires for our consumers. If you like our products, please leave your Teflon wire specifications with us. We shall definitely send our price list your way. We also believe that our prices are low enough to satisfy you.  


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