4. PTFE Joint Sealant (1)

Expanded (PTFE) is also known as a joint sealant. It is a high-quality product that has varied applications. Since 2016, we have been among some of the international companies with the ability and structure to design and develop expanded PTFE. Teflex Gasket gives its insight on the same.

The product has a variety of uses and applications. But it also falls on a few selected manufacturers that can produce the material. And as we have initially discussed in our series of PTFE, this material is known for having several applications. It also has several variants. They include:

  • PTEF membranes
  • Tubes and rods
  • Stretched tapes

Each product we have mentioned here has a unique production method coupled with a particular nuance. But, one of the most commonly used materials is the Teflon tape. This film is frequently used in matters of plumbing. It is the ideal material for sealing pipe threads. In its natural existence, the tape is frequently sold in specified widths wound and wrapped on a spool.  This makes it easy for you to wind up the material on the thread.

Applications Of Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant


Expanded PTFE joint tape is highly recommended as one of the primary gasket materials used in steel, fume ducts, heat exchangers, and pump housing flanges.  Because it is chemical resistant, the joint tape is an ideal material used in several applications that work against harsh environmental conditions. This is except for elemental fluorine. Thereafter, the expanded version of this material, also known as a sealant, will not interfere with the structure of other materials. 

Additional Description

Expanded PTFE joint tape refers to a viable multipurpose tape made from expanded PTFE fluorocarbon. Usually, it is manufactured in such a way that it can supply a low-density tape that has an adhesive backing strip. Not only is it soft but spongy. These features allow it to easily conform to surface irregularities while compressing to a small ribbon any time the material is subjected to pressure.

PTFE Joint Sealant Tape is also versatile. This implies that it has several applications. It has an adhesive and is readily available in various cross-sections. Some of the prominent tight seals and tape series are punched from multiple sheets depending on the preferred dimensions provided by the client. They are punched to enhance easy installation. It is crucial to note that expanded PTFE is a product made by just a few companies across the world. Therefore, it is a rare commodity on the market.


Expanded PTFE utilizes polymers that have high molecular weights made through the polymerization of TFE. The significant characteristics include the presence of surfactant coupled with mild agitation, usually at different temperatures as well as pressures.

Usually, for it to be ideal for expansion, the PTFE material used should have linear chains in addition to a suitable molecular weight that confers strength to a variety of polymer chains pulled from PTFE particles and elements. The materials link different PTFE particles. This then creates a strong structure that can quickly be oriented. That said, orienting a substrate plays a significant role in stretching the fibrils. 


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