stone crushers
stone crushers

You might have wondered that how you get such small sized pieces of coal, salt, hardrocks or any other material that is extracted after mining that is easily usable for you. This is made possible with the help of a JXSC stone crush process and the types of stone crushers that are involved in the metallurgy, mining and crushing of big stones into smalls ones.

In this blog, we will be solely talking about the crushers that are used for the process of stone crush. This is for sure that stone crusher plays a vital role for the miners, engineers and even the owners who are directly aligned with the stone crushing industry.

stone crushers
stone crushers

How much a stone crushing machine costs?

According to statistics, the 50 – 60% of the total investment in a crushing business is consumed in the grinding process of stones and minerals. Now, let’s dive in and talk about the 4 most popular and useful crushers that are used to install an unit of stone crush in industries.

  1. Cone Crusher
  2. Jaw Crusher
  3. Double Roll Crusher
  4. Impact Crusher
  • Cone Crusher

This machine is a compression type of machine that reduces the size of the material by squeezing or compressing the material between a piece of steel which is moving constantly. The final sizing and complete crushing is done in the gap between the machines. The eccentric rotates within the crushes causes the compression in the chamber which helps the machine to crush the stones as per your desire.

stone crushers
stone crushers
  • Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most primary methods involved in stone crushing process. It is really huge in size with a rectangular or a square opening at the top of the jaws as you can see below. The main purpose of this stone crushing machine is to reduce the large sized rocks into small pieces with the help of compression technology.

stone crushers
stone crushers
  • Double Roll Crusher

The simplified design of this crusher gives it an excellent reliability which needs very little maintenance means that it is quite cost-friendly. This crushes uses a built-in tramp relief that allows passing the objects that cannot be crushed, this saves the time as well as the cost, while the rest of the stones are crushed with the best possible size. This stone crusher is capable of producing finer quality of end product.

Double roll stone crushers are the widely used machinery in the mining industry having numerous advantages such as low horsepower, high capacity, low headroom, and the ability to handle the material with different conditions such as wet, sticky etc.

  • Impact Crusher

The name of this stone crushing machine says it all. Yes, this crusher works with a technology of making an immense impact on the material which makes it super simple to crush the bigger stones into small pieces. Usually, pressure chamber is used in the impact crushers which activates a vacuum under the crushing chamber and enables it to crush the huge pieces of rock solids into small usable chunks.

Impact crusher is available in two types i.e. Horizontal and the vertical shaft impactor and it carries a list of advantages for being used such as:

  1. Blow bar is high in chrome
  2. Very simple flow of crushing
  3. Ability to crush all types of hard rocks
  4. High in efficiency
  5. Hydraulic operations

Hence, after reading about the all four types of machines that helps in the process of stone crush. You would now be easily able to decide that for what machine you could opt for, if you are seeking one!


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