Oil drilling is a laborious and advanced process to slit the earth’s crust and extract liquid gold. To do so; mankind requires specialized tools and equipment. The whole assembly consists of a variety of rig tools to efficiently extract crude oil and gas.

The dual ram bop is a kind of Blowout preventer or a specialized tool holding great importance in the whole process. BOPs come in a variety of types and sizes. One of them is Ram BOP Bore Size: 13 5/8″.

If you are looking for valid information about Ram BOP Bore Size: 13 5/8″, this article is for you. Keep reading to explore the features and benefits of Ram BOP Bore Size: 13 5/8″.

Features of Ram BOP Bore Size 13 5/8″

Following are the features of the Ram BOP with bore size 13 5/8’’.

Blind Ram BOP

This is the type of blowout preventer that is used to seal the wellbore when there is no drill pipe or tubing present. It comprises two steel blocks held together by a hydraulic cylinder. The moment the cylinder activates, the blocks close together and seal the wellbore.

This type of BOP is used in combination with other BOPs to gain the desired outcomes.

Rated Working Pressure

BOPs are subjected to constant pressure as they are used in a critical and advanced field. The Ram BOP bore size: 13 5/8’’. Ca ideally work under 3000 psi to 15000 psi.

This shows how sturdy these BOPs are as they withstand high pressures.

Temperature Range for Metallic Materials

Their temperature range for metallic material ranges between -59 degrees Celcius to +177 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Range for Non-Metallic Sealing Materials

The temperature range for non-metallic sealing material is -26 degrees Celsius to +177 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of Ram BOP Bore Size 13 5/8″

Following are the notable benefits of Ram BOP bore size 13 5/8’’.

Improved Safety

Safety comes first. It is the primary benefit that this sort of BOP provides. Its large bore size efficiently blocks oil and gas leakages. Very often, these leakages are the cause of accidents, so if these leakages are avoided or blocked, the safety automatically improves.

Increased Flow Capacity

Also, the larger bore size of 13 5/8’’, facilitates increased flow capacity. It does so by allowing more fluid to pass through it, while preventing blowout.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Once the leakage is blocked, the operational efficiency also increases. The large bore size facilitates and increases the operational efficiency of the drilling operation. It does so by allowing faster circulation of the drilling fluid.


BOPs are specialized rig tools used in the oil drilling process. They are of extreme importance as they control the leakage. There are different types and sizes of BOPs used variably in different circumstances.

The Ram BOP Bore Size: 13 5/8″ is a large-bored BOP with many advantages like improved safety, increased flow capacity, and enhanced operational efficiency. Follow the article to grab further details.


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