gold meting process
gold meting process

Most of us do already know that gold is a yellow precious metal used especially as a product of jewelry and decoration to guarantee the value of currencies.  It is a deep lustrous material that looks yellow-brown in color. Most of us don’t know that how gold is transformed into amazingly looking designs and textures? That is because of gold melting machines and manual gold meting process that are usually followed as a standard.

In this blog, we are actually going to talk about how the raw form of gold can be taken to the gold melting point? And, what are that equipment that are required to melt the gold even if you don’t have an automated gold melting machine with you.

Gold has an extremely high melting point of 1946 °F which is almost edged over our minds. Melting at such extreme points cannot be handled with normal tools and equipment. Therefore, there is a specialized list of tools that is used during the meting process of gold.

How gold melting is made possible with these tools?

These tools are made with materials that can withstand the extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. Such tools are made up of:

  1. Elements that are poor conductors of heat like ceramic, graphite or Kevlar
  2. Melt-resistant compounds such as stainless steel alloy
  3. A mix of both
gold meting process
gold meting process

Now, here are the tools that are required to make the gold and reach to the actual gold melting point.

  • Crucible

They are the furnace proof containers that can hold the melting gold at its peak temperature. They are commonly made of the materials that are a bad conductor of heat.

  • Induction furnace

This is one of the most important equipment that helps to melt the gold. It uses electromagnetic induction heat the process rapidly and let the gold pass its melting point.

  • Stainless tongs

One of the most important and useful tool made for picking up the hot pieces of gold and pouring through crucibles.

gold meting process
gold meting process
  • Furnace Ladles

It is used to scoop away the slag of the melting gold made with the alloy of steel or iron ladles.

  • Stirring rods

These are made with either graphite or quartz because only these elements are capable enough to hold the high melting temperature of gold. It is used to stir the molten gold and check whether it is melted completely or not.

  • Cupel

It is quite similar to crucibles but made with porous which is the bone ash. It helps to absorb the impurities during fire assays.

  • Ingot mold

It is made with pure metal and used as a container to turn and cool down the melting gold into shapes and solid ingots.

  • Protective Gear

This gear kit is usually made with Kevlar and a special kind of fabric that protects the body and your skin from hot tools and splashes of the molten compound. These are available in different forms such as gloves, face shields, aprons etc.

Hence, in order to make your gold melting process you surely need to have the above-mentioned tools with you so that you can turn on the beauty of the gold and handle the gold melting machine properly, safely and professionally.


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