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In order to function correctly, all outdoor lighting needs to be cleaned regularly and properly maintained. Proper cleaning and maintenance help to keep these lights working correctly and also save on repair costs. However, outdoor solar lights may require more care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. While it is possible to get a deal on impeccable outdoor lights, cleaning, and maintenance of outdoor solar lights ensure that they keep functioning properly and for a long time. 

Maintaining outdoor solar lights 

Below are some ways through which you can maintain your solar lights;

a) Ensure the lights are fully exposed to the sun

Solar lights depend on the sun for energy. Therefore, this solar light must be fully exposed to the sun throughout the day. Many are times when plants, trees, or shrubs grow around your solar lights hence blocking them from full exposure to the sun rays. As part of maintenance, you need to prune the branches that block these lights or uproot the plants to get them out of the way. 

b) Maintaining the solar panels

When dirt accumulates on the surface and the plastic bits of the solar panel, it results in the covering or the solar panel part by becoming cloudy. A cloudy cover keeps the sunlight from penetrating to the solar panel. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the panel is always clean for maximum sunlight intake.

c) Maintaining the batteries

When moisture accumulates within the solar lights, it causes the batteries to get oxidized hence preventing them from functioning well. As part of maintenance, you should, therefore, check on the state of your batteries at least quarterly. 

d) Maintaining the light cover

Most, if not all solar lights come with a plastic or glass cover that protects the lights from the outdoor environment. When these covers become cloudy due to dust or other elements, they reduce the amount of light produced by the light. You, therefore, need to keep the covers clean. 

outdoor solar light

Cleaning outdoor solar lights

a. The solar panel

The solar panel is usually situated at the top of the solar light. Its purpose is to collect and store energy from the sun. Cleaning the solar panel helps to keep it at a maximum functioning rate. Cleaning it does not take much; all you have to do is brush off any loose dirt and debris using a wet towel then wipe it off to remove any cloudy buildup. For efficiency, you can use a bit of dish soap, which you have to wipe off with a slightly damp cloth.

b. The batteries

Exposure of the batteries to humidity can result in corrosion. In case this happens, you ought to remove the battery from its housing, brush it with a soft brush or fine-grit sandpaper in case the rust is hard to remove. Once the housing is clean, you can replace the battery with a new one.

c. The cover

The cover is straightforward to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a paper towel or a soft cloth; this applies to both plastic and glass covers. 

Bottom Line

Always remember to let all the parts dry up properly before reassembling your outdoor solar lights. A manual always comes in handy when it comes to the process of reassembling the light. When purchasing and installing solar lights ensure that you go for lights that come with a great instruction manual. 


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