3 Common Types of Aluminum Melting Furnace


Finding the right aluminum melting furnace for your hobby or business can be quite a challenge if you are not familiar with the available options in the market.  Through the years the growing demand for more energy efficient and economical furnaces have been met by various aluminum melting furnace manufacturers  with better and more user- specific product options. This is the reason why it is important that you do your due diligence and get acquainted with the available products in the market before you go shopping for your melting furnace.

Once you understand how different types of aluminum melting furnace differ from each other, you can finally make an informed decision which product will be most effective for your purpose. Taking this step does not only save you time during shopping, but also ensures that you get the best deal for your investment. To get you started, here are some of the most common types of aluminum melting furnace:

Popular Types of Aluminum Melting Furnace

aluminum melting furnace
aluminum melting furnace

Cupola Melting Furnace

Cupola melting furnace is one of the most basic and the pioneer model utilized for melting aluminum or nonferrous metal. This furnace is equipped with refractory crucible whose primary function is to hold and contain metal charge. These metal charge are put to action through transference of heat to the crucible walls, automatically setting the melting process in motion.

Crucible furnace is ideal for melting small batch of aluminum or for working with small projects. It is easy to use and is available in compact cylindrical models, making it ideal for hobbyists who are still discovering the potential of the industry or for small businesses with limited work space. Of course, you can also find industrial crucible melting furnace, designed for melting bigger amounts of metal.

Crucible melting furnace make use of either gas, oil, coke or electricity as its primary source of energy to create heat.

aluminum melting furnace
aluminum melting furnace

Induction Melting Furnace

Induction melting furnace is another type of furnace that can be utilized for melting aluminum and other metals under the same category. It utilizes magnesia, silica and alumina as its main refractory materials and is equipped with copper coils. These coils become the primary medium for powerful alternating currents to manifest inside the furnace­­­­, resulting to fast overturn of magnetic field that can easily pierce through the metal. This action sets other incidental processes in motion so melting of aluminum can take place.

Induction furnace utilizes electricity as its main source of power for reaching the required temperature necessary for the aluminum melting process to take place. Heat is transferred to the metal through induction heating. This process makes it possible for induction furnace to become versatile in terms of melting different volumes of metal.

Among the highlights induction aluminum melting furnace is its energy-efficient, environment friendly and offers easier to control melting process. These are the reasons why it is highly popular for industrial and commercial use.

aluminum melting furnace
aluminum melting furnace

Dry Hearth Furnace

Dry hearth furnace is another type of furnace utilized for melting aluminum.  It takes advantage of the heat produced from convective flames, which help melt aluminum and separate it from other impurities. Convective flames offer fast and efficient solution for heat transfer which works well for melting metals. This straightforward approach significantly reduces the amount melt loss, which is a common concern to open hearth furnaces.

Dry hearth aluminum melting furnace has high melt rates, making it an energy efficient furnace. Being energy efficient, it is also safe to say that it is one of the economical types of furnace, allowing you to process large amounts of aluminum with minimal amount of cost. This is the reason why it is preferred for commercial use, especially for establishments processing bulky scraps.

The details provided here are just some of the popular types of aluminum melting furnace. There are more options available in the market. In fact, some aluminum melting furnace manufacturers even provide customize solution for their clients. In order to take advantage of these offers make sure that you have the specifics of what you need and you are familiar with the pros and cons of your candidate aluminum melting furnace.


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