Among the most critical parts of any industrial machinery is the gearbox. This compartment has various moving parts, one of which is the oil pump which houses the orifice fittings. The gearbox may look complicated, but it’s simple to maintain. It is, however, vital to identify why your gear and shaft would require more attention. These machines are subjected to extreme stress and are prone to frequent malfunctions if not taken care of properly.

Maintaining your gear and shaft like a pro

Frequent maintenance of the gear and shaft is crucial if you want your gearbox to run a long operative life. Otherwise, you risk having it taken down due to challenges caused by neglect, thus causing delays and unforeseen costs. Here’s how you can take care of the machine following these steps.

Have regular inspections

Conducting a simple inspection of the gear and shaft by observing the gear patterns via the inspection port may seem obvious. However, it can help spot a potential problem that can cause severe downtime. These simple checks will go a long way in prolonging the machine’s life. It’s advisable to seek expert help rather than guess if you are not an expert.

Check the shaft seals

You may sometimes spot a leak from the gearbox at the output or input shafts. Such leaks indicate a failing seal due to dust or rock fragments, thus causing malfunctioning. The seal should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage to other components.

Frequent oil change

One advantage of frequently changing the oil in the industrial gearbox is the cooling of heated components in the machine. It also prevents possible corrosion of the oil pump and the orifice fitting in the gearbox. Oil changes help prolong the life of the various components in the gearbox. Make sure to use the recommended lubrication in the instructor’s manual to prevent any damage caused by using the wrong lubrication.

Keep the gear and shaft clean

Ensure that the gearbox is constantly checked and cleaned of debris and dust particles that accumulate inside, thus damaging the oil pump and seals. The filters keep water and dirt from entering inside, which will prevent damage to the gearbox components.

Check for any wear and tear

The components of the industrial gearbox should be constantly inspected for wear and tear, which can lead to malfunctions. Pay close attention to any worn-out gear teeth, pitting, spalling, or misalignment of the gear teeth. If such issues are found, replace these parts immediately. The good thing is early intervention will have no problem with the system. Wrong timing will force you to incur costly repairs.

Always maintain your gear and shaft 

Due to its constant heavy use, the gear and shaft should be constantly inspected and maintained to avoid breakdown. Going through the instructor manual is important because it informs you of the many parts of the gearbox and how to care for them. The gearbox will have a long operating life with little to no mechanical issues if well taken care of.


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