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There comes a time you want to slay in your shorts, and you need to look clean and tidy besides feeling comfortable. Nonetheless, waxing can be costly depending on which salon you visit, but mobile hair removal service is becoming accessible and affordable. You only need to purchase your wax from reliable suppliers and you are set to starting your successful waxing business.

Waxing is rapidly becoming the future of hair removal, but, you need to know the tips you must follow to have the best outcome.

  • Choosing the wax

There are hard and soft waxes. Hard wax is used for armpits, bikini, and facial hair while the soft wax is used on the leg hair. Ask your supplier the difference between the two and give specifications and uses of the wax you purchasing.

  • Ensure ideal hair length

Waxing is painful, especially if your hair length is not at an optimal length. Whether you are waxing from home or salon, trim your hair to a quarter to three-quarter of an inch before you wax.

  • Avoid retinoid cream

If you used retinoid cream five days before you wax, there is a high possibility your wax will come off with your skin. It can be a painful experience hence avoid using the retinoid cream 5 days before your waxing day.

  • Take pain reduction measures
the product for successful waxing business

Take painkillers thirty minutes before waxing. It will disable the discomfort that is brought by waxing pain.

  • Wash and dry the skin

Washing the area, you are planning to wax will allow the wax to adhere readily. Additionally, it will be less painful removing the wax, which is applied to clean skin as compared to one applied on unclean skin.

  • Warm the wax and apply on your clients’ skin

Follow manufacturer’s instructions on warming your wax. Apply little of the wax on the inside of your wrist to test its effectiveness. It should be warm and should not hurt. Apply the rest of the wax on the area with hair in the direction which the hair grows.

  • Place the cloth strip        

Once you apply the wax, place a cloth on it and wait for three seconds, then pull the fabric from the opposite direction of your clients’ hair growth. Repeat the process until you through with peeling off all the unwanted hair.

  • Sooth your clients’ skin

After waxing, you will experience itching and discomfort. Use moisturizer and avoid hot bath until the discomfort runs off.

Take away

the product for successful waxing business 3

Once you know the tips for waxing, you can go ahead and open a successful waxing business. Make sure to have a wax license before you start looking for your first client. The grant will make your clients confident with your work. Remember to advise your customers to moisturize because moisturizing reduce the potential or discomfort and tearing during their next waxing. Additionally, test the sensitivity of your clients’ skin before waxing; otherwise, you might lose your license if the client decides to sue you.


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