Direct Extrusion

In the printing world, there are different forms of extrusion. Direct extrusion is one of them. It entails mounting the motor of the 3D printer at the end of the device. The system is usually utilized in many printing devices, especially since it was the first one to be developed in the Rep-Rap printers. If you’re interested in joining the business and understanding how the machine, you can learn more about a direct extruder in this article.

  • How Does Direct Extrusion Take Place?

A direct extruder is situated above the hotend of your 3D printer. Through a direct drive, the machine keeps a viable distance between the filament and the hotend. That way, a retraction is quickly established. Therefore, the process can improve the quality of printed products. The extruder ends up pulling the filament away from the device’s nozzle. Towards that end, the filament will not ooze.

  • It’s Easy To Feed The Filament

 When working with a direct extruder in a 3D printer, you’ll realize that it’s pretty easy to feed the filament into the extruder. At the same time, it’ll be easy to make any form of filament compatible with the printer.

  • Enjoy The Enhanced Printing Speed
Direct Extrusion

When operating your 3D printer to create high-quality products, you will discover that a direct extruder comes in handy. It reduces the printer’s voluminous weight, thereby allowing the users to print at a relatively high speed. Even so, because the printing speed increases with the continuous use of the application, the impact will slightly be noticeable.

  • A Direct Extrusion System Is Compact

In the current printing era, direct extrusion systems are compact. Therefore, they will end up minimizing the volume of the extruder and allowing more excellent traction and control over the filament. One of the significant pros of using this system in your 3D printing machine includes its ease in calibrating it to acquire an excellent and massive control of various reactions on the material. That way, you’ll be in a position to obtain a better yet perfect finishing.

Direct Extrusion
  • The Carriage May Be Heavy For The Printer To Handle  

The weight of the motor will affect the operations of the device. Therefore, a direct drive requires a primary setup coupled with an additional weight found on the carriage. Towards that end, the heat of the motor to the extruder also matters when it comes to its functionality. This is appended to the fact that the heat produced will determine the temperature of the carriage.  


One of the significant issues appended to 3D printing entails under extrusion. Here, you’ll notice that there are inconsistent gaps in prints. You can solve the problem using a direct extrusion. On the other hand, over extrusion may cause the swelling of the prints. The same issue can be resolved using a direct extruder. For you to understand the functionalities of a 3D printer, this article highlights all core areas.


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