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Fiber cables have improved the means of communication in different devices. Nonetheless, investing in the right kind of cables is imperative in ensuring that they work well. has simplified the search for cables by offering high-quality fiber cables which you can invest in. However, as robust as they can be, fiber cables are still susceptible to breakdowns. Below are some fiber cable problems and different solutions.

  • Fiber Cable External Damage

One of the main reasons for failure by fiber cable is external damage. Unfortunately, fiber cable happens to be extremely susceptible to scratches and splits. For you to obtain maximum fiber optic cable uses, you need to ensure that your cable is free from any damage. As the damage affects the cables ability to work correctly, conduct a thorough inspection and identify any defects in the casing or the conductors. Aim to replace any defects as soon as you identify issues with your cable.

  • Having A Fiber Cable That Is Too Long

It’s the desire of many people to have long fiber cables that allows you to connect to machines in different parts of the room. Often, this is regardless of how far or how it will affect the fiber optic cable price. However, having too long wires brings the risk of causing permanent damage to the various components within the cable. The damage is usually caused by twisting, bending and winding of the cable around itself causing damage to the cable. To avoid this, ensure that you place your equipment’s at a suitable distance from each other to ensure the cables are not too long. Additionally, you can invest in a cable rod variety that does not bend easily or fix them against the walls to reduce the risk of damage.  

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  • Stretching Your Fiber Cable

Underestimating the distance in which you desire to place your fiber optic cable is also detrimental. As expected, stretching causes the various components in the machine to be under a lot of tension causing breakage. To avoid this, ensure you measure the distance between the two machines before the fiber optic cable installation. Doing so allows the jacket to have a full grip on the cable and that the connectors aren’t pulled beyond what they can withstand hence reducing damage to your cables.

  • Improper Fit Of The Fiber Cable Connectors

Another installation issue that can cost you dearly is that of improper fit of the fiber optic cable connectors. Usually, the improper fit is caused by slippage of the connectors from their original position. To rectify this, inspect each connector and ensure that they have been inserted correctly. If this continues to be a problem, choose to replace the cables with a version that utilizes spring load connectors that fit in place securely without slippage

  • Damage To The Fiber Cable Fibers

Finally, ensure that there are no breaks or damage to the cable in some any other way. Regardless of the fiber optic cable types you will install, make use of the fiber optic tracer to check for continuity. Non- damaged fiber cable will allow the light you shine via one end of the tracer to be visible at the other end

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  • Conclusion

Getting high-quality fiber cables is as easy as buying from However, because they are not bulletproof, minimizing breakdowns is all about the proper installation and use. As seen above, fixing fiber cable issues is easy, and by identifying and fixing the problems mentioned above, you will attain optimum performance and utilization.


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