CNC is the abbreviation for “computer numerical control” which implies that a computer directs and orders the motion of the machines based on numerical codes that are placed in a program. The CNC plate cutting machine just like any other CNC machine is digitally controlled by computer software. It is a metal plate cutting machine that uses plasma or oxy-fuel as a cutting technology to sever metals.

The oxy-fuel or flame method is a conventional method of cutting metal and steel. It is regarded as one of the most important processes in the world’s metal production. It is a combustion process that makes use of the oxygen gas flame. It can cut through metal plates that are as thick as 900mm or 35 inches. Its plate thickness ranges from 3mm to 900mm.

Main Features of Oxyfuel plate cutting machine

The main features of oxyfuel plate cutting include,

  • Low cutting speed
  • Oxidized perfect surface
  • Neat vertical planes
  • The area of the material affected by the heat is often carbonized and hardened.

Plasma plate cutting on the other hand which was initially used on metals not suitable for flame cutting is now used for cutting thin alloyed steels. Over the years, plasma cutting machines have advanced and improved is now widely used globally.

Some of the features of a plasma CNC plate cutting machine are;

  • It leaves a smooth surface after cutting the material
  • High-velocity cutting speed
  • A wide range of materials it can cut
  • Possesses metallurgically accurate surfaces for welding
  • Requires medium heat input

Maintenance of CNC plate cutting machine

Investing in a plasma cutting machine for your business is a good one and to get a good return on investment one must take adequate and proper care of the machines. Some of the ways to maintain the CNC plate cutting machine includes,

  • Clean the body of the torch
  • Clean the torch leads by wiping down the entire length of the torch leads to evacuate dust and dirt that might have accumulated on the torch leads.
  • The power source should be cleaned as well with clean dry air as dust can damage the source of power supply especially its basic components. If there is dust in the power source, it can cause the machine to malfunction.
  • Always check plasma levels

To maintain the quality and life of your machine, always check the level and quality of gas. Also check for oil mist, water, or any other component that could cause contamination. The filters should also be checked weekly and moisture traps emptied.

  • Make sure to adjust your gears and bearings so they will be properly aligned
  • The components of the machine such as gears, bearings, rails, and racks should be checked regularly. The gears should be lubricated and the bearings greased with lubricants like graphite powder. Rail sections need not be lubricated as they may attract contaminants.

The plasma plate cutting machine is no doubt a cutting edge technology in the metal industry and it has come to make life easier and better.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your machine will ensure that it lasts longer and serves you better. That is really what everyone wants.


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