Before you get out and start looking for a CNC press brake, there are certain things you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. Ideally, you need to know a lot of things such as type, features, and how it can benefit you. You must carry out due diligence to ensure the machine you purchase meets your requirements. In this way, the process of getting a press brake becomes a lot easier.


You need to consider the type of tooling you use. If you already have one, you want to ensure the new cnc press brake can utilize the same tools. This does not mean you should limit your choices because you want to use old tools. Remember that there are various types of tools and you can manufacture the tools by the cold planed process. When you know what you require at the start can help you make the right decision.


In this case, you need to consider both the material type and thickness. Consider the thickest and hardest material you are likely to run on your CNC press brake. Remember that the press brakes get classified based on their bending ability with mild steel being the reference. You can find different bending charts that can be used to find the tonnage you need.

Maximum Material Length

You should consider the material width you should bend and maximum flanges. These are quite important in determining bending length. For instance, if you want to bend up to 12 inches of material, but the flange is 14 inches, then you have to move up to 14 inches wide.


There is a need to pay attention to the accuracy of the press brake. Remember that accuracy on a CNC press brake involves a lot of factors such as yield strength and material hardness. The way the press brake is fitted determines the part accuracy and how the machine handles material deviations. Usually, thin materials are known to form defects and you may have to correct them.

Number of Parts Needed

It does not matter whether you have a large manufacturing facility or a small shop, you have to consider your output to know the right CNC press brake to purchase. That is because the capacity determines how the machine is equipped and loaded. The truth is that when purchasing the press brake, you have to understand how quickly you can make quality parts. Also, you should determine whether automation is required.

Operator Skill Level

When purchasing a press brake, you should pay attention to the workforce you have. Do you have skilled operators? As you know, a powerful control system needs a less skilled operator. That is because less skill is needed to control the operations. Some machines have controls that can help determine the bend allowance, gage points, bend sequences, and more. With automation capability, you can eliminate most of the tasks done by an operator. Moreover, you will reduce the setup time and ensure you make high-quality parts.


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